Against Macro Farming, In Favour of Animal Welfare

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Elisa Baer
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Por un medio ambiente Verde y en Paz. Súbete a este barco

Against Macro Farming, In Favour of Animal Welfare

Macro Farming has spread around the world, with more than 3.500 facilities in Spain alone. Are we gonna stand by and let people exploit thousands of farm animals in one warehouse, which is also polluting the land that we live in and the water from which we drink? No. My name is Elisa Baer, and for my Bat Mitzvah, I am challenging you all (and myself) to donate up to 450€ in total against Macro Farming in Spain, and in favour of animal welfare.

The money will support the Greenpeace campaign to avoid new macro-farm projects or the expansion of existing ones and to promote sustainable cattle farming.
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